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Sucess it's not just a good career/life. Sucess is when you don't feel on your heart the bad things people say to you ♥

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3 of ∞ best @JamieDornan1 tweets: I am thoroughly convinced Jamie would have been a fangirl on Tumblr.


Looks like Cuckoo 2 will be shown on BBC3 in the UK from August 7. 

'He is the master of his own Universe'

3 days until the trailer is released!!!!

“Perdoar demais cansa ?
Imagina se Deus cansasse ?”
Granad-a  (via fabricando-ilusoes)
“Mas, se você esperar, Deus te dará o melhor.”
— O tempo de Deus  (via filh4-d0-rei)